Monday, January 29, 2018

Survival Food Staple: 12 Household And Medicinal Uses For The Onion

Onions are naturally tasty — add them to any dish, and they would surely make an already scrumptious meal even more flavorful. What’s better is, not only are items of joy to the palate, onions are also blessings to the body due to their many nutritional and medicinal benefits. What are those? 
  1. They soothe bug bites. Onions are good insect repellants. Just rubbing a slice of onion onto a specific body part can ensure that insects would stay away from that particular area. It is also useful for alleviating the pain that one gets from insect bites, especially bee stings.
  2. Onions get rid of dizziness and vertigo. Much more efficient than smelling salts, onions are an excellent natural therapeutic medicine for dizziness and headaches. The smell of a cut clove of onion is sure to minimize the reeling feeling in your head.
  3. Onions can revive burned rice. If you toss an onion right on top of burnt rice inside a rice cooker, your rice has a chance of surviving. The onion on top of the rice will absorb its burnt taste, making it seem as if you had splendidly-cooked rice. (MORE)
Source: Natural News

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