Monday, January 29, 2018

Here's How Meditation Helps With Weight Loss

What if our ideas around weight loss are only partially true?
What if losing weight is about more than watching our eating and working out?
Entrepreneur Sarah Anne Stewart learned this when she signed a modeling contract at 15 years old and had agents immediately bark at her to "stay skinny" and "not eat until next week." For the next ten years she developed a fear and anxiety around weight that consumed her life. Then one day she woke up in an NYU hospital bed, almost dying from anorexia. When the ER staff told her she needed to make changes in her life to survive, she finally found her saving grace: meditation.
Now she's a Holistic Health Practitioner, coach and the founder of Holistically Slim. She's dedicated her career to teaching others that "what to eat" is only a small piece of having a healthy relationship with food and your body. Sarah Anne says the inner journey is equally important, and that meditation is the secret key to long-term weight loss and a healthy body. (MORE)

Source: Forbes

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