Thursday, February 15, 2018

Yoga, Dance To Relieve Exam Stress

As testing time approaches for students, Chandigarh-based yoga and dance gurus offer valuable tips for de-stressing

Final examinations are stressful for everyone, even when one is completely prepared after covering the whole syllabus and all the important questions from previous year papers. In the age of competition, scoring well is not good enough and getting top scores has to be the aim. Such scenario has made the examinations a stressful affair.
However, there are ways to de-stress the mind and body while preparing for the final examinations. While sports and games are an escape for many, some students are also going for yoga and dance classes.
Yoga and dance gurus are suggesting yoga and dance practise as power boosters and a source of rejuvenation.
Yoga should be part of your lifestyle
Chandigarh-based yoga guru Shobhna Juneja tells, “Yoga originated in ancient times. It used to be the part of the gurukulas curriculum for students and eventually their lifestyle. In present time, it is very important for the students to practice it regularly for improving their concentration and relaxation of their mind.”
She further says, many students come for learning yoga and some even continue coming during the exams as it helps them in focussing on their studies. She suggests, “Everyday, at least 5-10 minutes of yoga can help one in refreshing their mind.”
For complete relaxation and focus, she suggests, students should practise ‘Anulom-Vilom Pranayama’ and mantra chanting. “Even if the students start practising now, it will help them,” she says. (MORE)

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