Thursday, February 1, 2018

Why Meditation Makes You Better At Brainstorming

When a child does something wrong, most parents ground them or put them in time-out.
When I was a kid, my parents made me write essays about what I did wrong. It forced me to contemplate what I’d done, the rules I’d broken, and how I could avoid getting in trouble again.

It was a different approach—one that was influenced by my dad’s Buddhism and his beliefs about meditation. He spent time traveling in Nepal, and when he came back, he applied what he had learned to his business and life.
As a kid, I thought it was fun to meditate in the spare bedroom he had converted to a meditation room. It was full of prayer rugs and crystals, and it always smelled like incense.
But as I got older and began to develop my own sense of self and independence, I began to really understand the benefits of meditation. I faced quite a few challenges running my first company. I knew that meditation was something I could rely on. Not just in my personal life, but also in the business world.
Whether professional or personal, here’s how meditation makes for better brainstorming:
1. Takes Your Ego Out Of The Equation.
I don’t mean “ego” in the way that we often use it—a way to describe someone’s level of pride or arrogance. I mean it in a more natural way, as in the construction of your identity that influences how you interact with people. (MORE)

Source: Forbes

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