Thursday, December 1, 2016

The Use of Meditation in Children With Mental Health Issues

Meditation can be divided into 5 types (Table 1). Mindfulness falls under the category of focused attention, which has recently received considerable attention. Since the 1990s, mindfulness meditation has been studied in healthy groups and increasingly in clinical populations in adults. The research is quite robust in adults with depression and anxiety, but research in youths with the same conditions is just starting. Jon Kabat-Zin brought mindfulness into the clinical realm with mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR). Defining this state of mind, he shared this awareness that emerges through purposeful attention, in the present moment, and nonjudgmentally to the unfolding of experience moment by moment.1 With the possible exception of sleep, all that we do each day can be done mindfully.

Mindfulness practices have been used primarily to aid in stress reduction and the promotion of health and well-being in various populations, including those with chronic pain, depression, anxiety, or other mental health conditions. Mindfulness practices often include body relaxation, mental imagery, breathing practice, and mind-body awareness. (MORE)

Source: Psychiatric Times

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