Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Meditation Tips That Help You Handle Stress Over the Holidays

Instead of dealing with holiday stress on the fly, prepare for any not-so-pleasant situations with this 10-minute guided meditation.

The holidays are great and all, but there's no denying that this time of year can also be stress-a-palooza for many people. Whether it be because of financial strain, travel delays, or sucking up the annual encounter with erratic Uncle Joe who Won't. Stop. Talking. about the election, there's enough going on to make anyone feel like they're about to go AWOL. (Oh, and speaking of Uncle Joe, here's how to navigate political talk during the holidays.)
That's where meditation comes in. It's one of the hottest workout trends of the year (seriously, Pinterest revealed that mental fitness and meditation workouts were searched 45 percent more often on the platform in 2016). And for good reason: It works. Science shows that combining meditation with exercise can decrease depression, and meditation alone can reduce stress, relieve emotional pain, and even make you more compassionate. (It also helps to let out a few NSFW words—like in this video.) In other words, it's exactly what you need before heading home for the holidays. (MORE)
Source: Shape

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