Monday, November 21, 2016

6 Ways Meditation Makes You Happier at Work

“Sometimes people are really concerned about practicing mindfulness at work. They think they’ll lose their edge, or they won’t strive or seek excellence, but it actually opens up the door to being more creative and finding a sense of meaning,” she explains.
Here are 6 ways that meditation and mindfulness can help you both survive and enjoy your work day, according to Salzberg.

1. Find a sense of meaning.

Studies have shown that strongest indicator of happiness at work is a sense of meaning, so Salzberg recommends infusing your day with something that gives you personal meaning. For example, say to yourself, “I will try to be compassionate to everyone I encounter” or “I will try to communicate well,” she suggests. This positive focus can really transform your day, she says.

2. Be realistic.

We’ve all had moments when we wanted to march out the door, but since the bills aren’t going to pay themselves, it’s important to be realistic, Salzberg says. Ask yourself, “What do you see as a realistic path to change in your situation?” she says. “See what you can change, and see what’s actually happening (without focusing on your immediate reactions). Focus on the bigger picture. Even if you’re seeking change, doing so from a less driven, less reactive place is a good thing.”

3. Have a daily meditation practice.

“It’s not realistic to be mindful all the time at work,” Salzberg says. “One of my teachers once recommended ‘short moments many times’ ... that’s sort of our goal. The best and most effective way to make that real is if you have a daily meditation practice—10-20 minutes a day of sitting or walking meditation. A dedicated period where you’re only trying to cultivate awareness and compassion. That will make it so much easier to have those short moments many times a day.” (MORE)
Source: Huffington Post

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