Friday, October 28, 2016

Can Meditation Really Cure Disease?

A growing body of research now links the Eastern practice to improved conditions for serious ailments from diabetes, to heart disease, to cancer. How? By "treating the whole person ... so they can live in greater health and joy," says Shauna Shapiro, a clinical psychologist and professor at Santa Clara University. And from that so-called "joy", some remarkable things have been shown to occur: One study documented cancer patients who participated in a mindfulness program reducing their stress symptoms by 30% compared to non-meditators. Another reported that diabetic patients who meditated had decreased depression, anxiety, and diabetes-specific distress  (nearly 40% of diabetics struggle with emotional distress that, in turn, leads to overly high blood glucose). Still another found that mindfulness meditation reduced the intensity and emotional sensations of pain by 44% compared to a placebo 'pain' cream. What, exactly is going on here? We talked to Shapiro further here about such studies, her new program, Exhale launched for those with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF, a terminal lung disease currently without a cure), and how anyone with a serious illness can get started. (MORE)

Source: Mens Journal

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