Monday, January 12, 2015

Here's How Zen Meditation Changed Steve Jobs' Life And Sparked A Design Revolution

When Steve Jobs showed up at the San Francisco airport at the age of 19, his parents didn't recognize him. 
Jobs, a Reed College dropout, had just spent a few months in India. 
He had gone to meet the region's contemplative traditions — Hinduism, Buddhism — and the Indian sun had darkened his skin a few shades.
The trip changed him in less obvious ways, too.
Although you couldn't predict it then, his travels would end up changing the business world. 
Back in the Bay Area, Jobs continued to cultivate his meditation practice. He was in the right place at the right time; 1970s San Francisco was where Zen Buddhism first began to flourish on American soil. He met Shunryu Suzuki, author of the groundbreaking "Zen Mind, Beginners Mind," and sought the teaching of one of Suzuki's students, Kobun Otogawa. 
Jobs met with Otogawa almost every day, Walter Isaacson reported in his biography of Jobs. Every few months, they'd go on a meditation retreat together. 
Zen Buddhism, and the practice of meditation it encouraged, were shaping Jobs' understanding of his own mental processes.  (MORE)
Source: Business Insider

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