Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Yoga for Men, Miami Dolphins, and NFL Films

“At some point, I know that I told each of you that when someone out there hears about how you’ve incorporated yoga into your training, they’re gonna want to talk to you about it.”
“And here we are.”
I was addressing Jason Fox, Jelani Jenkins, Jamar Taylor and Olivier Vernon, all players for the Miami Dolphins of the NFL, and all current clients of mine. We were preparing to film a segment on yoga for NFL Films and the show NFL Rush. I was to guide them through a practice, and then Shannon Furman, the producer of the segment and yogini herself, was going to interview everyone and maybe ask the guys to demonstrate their favorite postures.
“Just do your practice,” I instructed. “If you really want to help those who are going to watch this, you won’t perform for the cameras. You’ll use all of those distractions to simply go deeper inside, and that will show.”
“At some point, I told all of you that you were helping the world around you by simply practicing yoga; that by incorporating yoga into your lives, you were destroying stigmas associated with it only being for women or not being manly in some way.”
“So, I can’t thank you guys enough.”
And then we went in to practice. (MORE)
Source: Yoga For Men

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