Monday, November 3, 2014

The Path Teaches Meditation as a Tool for Young New York Professionals

Tech types, mindful of their careers and mental health, attend a weekly workshop to hone energy, focus, creativity and compassion

Meditation isn’t just for Zen masters and granola munchers anymore.

That’s what a growing number of ambitious young tech entrepreneurs, designers and marketers are discovering at The Path, a new weekly meditation workshop that has New York City’s digerati crossing their legs and saying “om.”

The Path is not the meditation of a Buddhist monk looking to transcend the cycle of life and death — though some of the techniques are the same. Nor is it the meditation of hippies surrounded by free love and ganja. Instead, the program aims to teach a system of mental focus meant to make successful New Yorkers even more successful.

“When you go to a typical meditation center, it’s more of a spiritual joint,” John Ebner, 29, said after a recent meditation session at The Path. “But I’m a business guy and I’m an athlete, so I like the vibe better at the Path. It’s a place to go where you know you will feel good at the end of the class. And maybe network with the other people there.”

Every Monday for the past month, about 75 people have paid $20 each to sit in a gallery space in Midtown for an hour to practice various styles of meditation. Each style is designed to help the mind accomplish a different goal. Last Monday, instructor Elena Brower worked through one meditation for increased energy, and then three others, for focus, creativity and compassion.

“There is a lot of misconception out there about what meditation is,” said Brower. “It’s not just for people who do yoga.” (MORE)

Source NY Daily News

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