Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Yoga Keeps Seniors Balanced, Fit

Practicing yoga regularly is one way to combat the slumped posture and deteriorating balance that can come with getting older.
Sometimes those issues start in middle age, as certified yoga instructor Lyndsey Scott has observed. Scott teaches Gentle Yoga at First United Methodist Church in Rantoul.
“Balance is challenging for women in their 50s and 60s,” Scott said. “They have to have patience with where they are at (in a pose) and let go of thinking about where they think they should be.”
This almost-60 correspondent discovered the truth of that while participating in one of Scott’s classes.
Scott guided us movement by movement into the Tree pose, which is completed by standing on one foot. The other leg is bent, and the sole of the foot rested on the inside of the knee of the supporting leg. I could only get the resting foot as high as my ankle, and even then I swayed from side to side in the effort to stay upright.
“Lose balance to find balance,” Scott said encouragingly.
She said yoga practitioners develop an awareness of their breathing and the position of their spines that results in “naturally fine-tuning” posture and balance. (MORE)
Source: Rantoul Press

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