Saturday, October 25, 2014

Restive Lads Opt For Meditation Over Detention

Teenage boys are not known for deep contemplation, but if if gets them out of detention then it seems meditation can be very appealing. 
At Balgowlah Boys, a comprehensive public school on the northern beaches, students can now swap an afternoon detention for meditation.
In a darkened classroom last week, about 20 barefooted boys spent an hour breathing, relaxing and clearing their minds. And while they may have been sceptical before their first class, the boys who rolled out of bed for the early-morning class were converts.
For Kobe Edwards, the meditation class was a ticket out of 90 minutes of detention. But he also surprised himself by enjoying it. 
"I felt really relaxed. I will probably come back again," Kobe said. 
For 14-year-old Jerald Paul, he expected meditation to be "pretty boring" but after the class he was surprised at how relaxed and rejuvenated he felt.
"It was better than I thought, better than detention," he said.
The idea for a meditation class came from the school's year 10 advisor, Sebastien Hartog, as he spent one afternoon supervising a detention class.
"I spent an hour and a half staring at these boys and them staring back at me and I thought there had to be a better use of everyone's time," Mr Hartog said. (MORE)

Source: Sydney Morning Hearld

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