Thursday, October 2, 2014

3 Tips for Practicing Meditation in the Office

Wherever we are, we have the ability to be present. On the meditation cushion, we can be present with the physical sensation of our breathing. Off the meditation cushion, we can be present with the people we encounter, our morning commute, the food we eat, everything. That is the purpose of meditation practice: to become more present and aware of every aspect of our life.
When it comes to work, we always have a choice. We can schlep through our day-to-day existence, considering those hours we are working to be a waste of time, constantly looking ahead to our time off, or we can engage it in a way that makes us feel like we are participating in a life worth living. Meditation practice helps us slow down and be present enough to recognize the small joys about our work, as well as its frustrations. It helps us sort through the muck of our own mind, know our intention clearly, and live our lives fully. For a short video on how to meditate, click here.
I recommend that people start their day with meditation, when their mind is fresh. However, the timing for when we meditate is going to look different for different people. Some people love to meditate when they get home from work. Others like to take some time in the middle of their day, during their lunch break. Regardless of what works for you, try to start off with ten minutes a day, as many days a week as you can. It is said that after eleven days of doing anything in a row it becomes habit forming, so if you want to start meditating regularly try sticking to it for that consecutive period. Over time, if you miss a day here or there no need to beat yourself up. (MORE)
Source: Huffington Post

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