Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Wall Street Turns To Meditation

Transcendental Meditation foundation getting more calls from firms

Stocks are near all-time highs, the IPO market is hot, and for the most part, the bulls are beating the bears. But while optimism is high on Wall Street these days, so is stress. Long, grueling hours remain part of the job description in the financial world. To help revive their employees, a growing number of firms are turning to the age-old technique of Transcendental Meditation, which involves accessing the deepest, quietest level of the mind by speaking a silent mantra. 

It is said to reduce anxiety and increase clear, focused thinking. The David Lynch Foundation, an organization founded by the movie director famous for "Blue Velvet" and "Eraserhead," has been getting an increasing number of calls from Wall Street firms to come and offer its $1,000 intensive course on Transcendental Meditation to employees. (MORE)

Source: WFMZ-TV News

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