Saturday, March 8, 2014

Meditation And Parkinsons Disease

Parkinson's is no picnic in the park. Even the mildest symptoms aren't that mild.
I've mentioned before that balance is my biggest issue. I find ways to compensate but that throws my body out of alignment. My back hurts a lot...spasms.
When you add in the stress of every day life, there's a lot of anxiety. I take a Valium every few days and yes I have a prescription.
Last weekend was a rough one. My doctor had been talking about giving me a larger dose, so I figured no time better than the present. I doubled up. Do you remember quaaludes? I felt like I popped a couple and washed them down with a few beers. Ah yes...the good old days.
I had a three day hangover. I've become a lightweight. No more drugs. At least no more double doses.
I think I've found a better way. A natural way. I started to take a meditation class a few weeks ago. Couldn't hurt, right?
Class one had me so relaxed that I fell asleep twice in one hour. Not such a bad thing.
Yesterday was class number three. I didn't feel so hot going in. Lot's of Parkinson's symptoms with some added anxiety. plus a lack of sleep. I almost skipped the class. Glad I didn't.
In the first ten minutes, I started to relax. I'm not sure if falling asleep is being in the moment but it sure felt great. I was so zoned that I didn't realize a third person had joined the class.
After the class ended, I was curious if there was any connection between Parkinson's relief and meditation. Google found many articles.
That's where this YouTube video comes into play. He talks about one particular case but the result is interesting.
As you know there's no cure for Parkinson's disease. Only the symptoms can be treated. My opinion is get relief wherever you can. Do whatever works for you.
Enjoy the video. Enjoy the weekend. Enjoy life!


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