Tuesday, February 11, 2014

'Yoga Helps Develops Patience And Control'

Bad postures caused due to prolonged sitting and lugging heavy school bags have become a bane of modern day education. Lack of exercise, kids playing indoor games more are also taking a toll on the physique of our youngsters.
Enter yoga, the first activity being undertaken under TOI's Nagpur For Kids campaign. Theyoga camp is slated for January 19 and will be conducted at at Janardanswami Yogabhyasi Mandal at Ram Nagar.
Ram Khandwe of the Mandal, popularly known as 'Guruji', feels introducing a child to yoga can definitely being about a change and make children more agile, active and alert. "Life for kids today is extremely competitive. They have too many diversions that result in lack of concentration," he says. With too much to do, kids do not get time to focus on any single activity that causes stress and tension in them, feels Khandwe.
Emotional outbursts that hamper their progress are common in kids. What they need to develop is concentration, control and patience to surmount adverse or odd situations. Yoga alone can inculcate these qualities in them. "We have developed a module that through pranayam, yoga postures and meditation teaches them to concentrate. This is done in a manner that does not bore them," says the amiable Guruji. Picking up on the love that kids have for toys and combining it with their knowledge of physiology and anatomy, the child is introduced to his body and is taught to care and respect it. "Even young children are very conscious of their appearance. This module teaches them to groom themselves. It gives them the concept that they are precious members of their family and the society too," he adds.
Yoga's power to control diseases is well established. The module developed here also addresses the growing scourge of child obesity. "Children today get too much food to eat but little emotional nourishment. Single child and nucleus families leave them feeling very lonely and insecure," Guruji says. This creates hormonal imbalances that lead to obesity that can be controlled and reversed through yoga. (MORE)

Source: Times of India


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