Wednesday, January 22, 2014

At Davos, Rising Stress Spurs Goldie Hawn Meditation Talk

As business and political leaders gather in Davos this week, those weary of the palaver on trade alliances, mergers and charity initiatives can stop by the Congress Centre on Thursday morning. There, Goldie Hawn will expound on the benefits of meditation.
The “mindfulness” panel with Hawn, star of the 1975 hit film “Shampoo,” is among 25 sessions at the 2014 World Economic Forum discussing wellness, mental health, and the potentially pernicious effects of technology on the brain. That’s at least 50 percent more wellness-related presentations than in 2008.
The theme shows how anxiety over stress and its impact on business is mounting among the Davos set, who’ve spent the last five years dealing with crises from the collapse of Lehman Brothers to the Syrian civil war -- all connected 24/7 to their beeping, buzzing smartphones. Mental health-related illnesses may cost $16 trillion in lost output over the next 20 years, according to figures from Harvard University and the WEF. (MORE)

Source: Bloomberg

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