Monday, November 4, 2013

Meditation Should Be More Mainstream

The first time I really learned about meditation was during my sophomore year of high school in an Eastern Religions class. A Buddhist speaker came in to talk about his experiences. Following the talk, I asked him how I could incorporate meditation into my everyday life. He said that every day right after I get up, I should sit on the side of my bed for five minutes and focus on my breathing.
That's all it was. Just five minutes, focusing on my breathing. Contrary to what I expected, there was no talk of spirituality or references to religious teachings. It seemed easy enough to give it a shot. All it took was setting my alarm clock five minutes early.

Today, four years later, I practice the same meditation that was taught to me that day: what I now know as a form of mindfulness meditation. It is a daily practice that helps me feel relaxed and focused and keep a clear mind during stressful situations. Like many other habits, getting started was the hardest part, but once I committed myself to it and felt the results, it became easier to do. (MORE)

Source: The Daily Northwestern

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