Monday, September 23, 2013

Where Business Elite Succeed And Fail With Meditation

Almost every day, there is news of another corporate executive coming out and saying, "I meditate. It has changed my life and improved my business. I am telling my employees, telling everyone in order to do my best work, I meditate." CEO's of all types are coming forward at various conferences, media interviews describing meditation as a game changer, productivity tool, a must for maximizing success.
Profits and meditation are described as partners in the new business culture. Business leaders explain that creativity comes from a clear mind and a clear mind comes with meditation. Out of stillness they are finding inner calm, clarity, focus and the energy to accomplish the task before them. Who would have imagined that hardwired business types would be coming out in favor of rewiring, untangling, detoxing, unplugging, destressing and opening one's mind with meditation? Who would imagine devotees of the bottom line would become devotees of sitting still and non-thinking? Watch out world, high-octane performance is for those who close their eyes, surrender their thoughts and practice watching their breath!
Executives are safely coming out of the closet to say meditation has business results and are freely admitting how and why. Patience, clarity, restfulness, compassion, stillness are mentioned as helping creativity and production of their best work. What they are not saying is where meditation is taking them in their personal lives. They are not sharing the fruits of this inward journey, the inner adventure that meditation by its very nature includes. (MORE)

Source: Huffington Post

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