Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Wake Up: It's Time for Meditation

It was an amazing discovery for me over two decades ago, when, in a mediation course, I suddenly woke up! With a sense of awe and great clarity I found myself observing my own thoughts. For a brief moment I was free! Free from the grip of emotions and endless thinking. What a liberating moment. I felt like a new person and it was that sweet taste of freedom that has put me on the path of meditation.
Meditation has now become a big part of my life. I meditate wherever I am and even if it is only for five or 10 minutes.
There are several ways to go about meditation. For some, it is a relaxation practice and for others it is a connection with the true self -- our deepest core, and thus a true spiritual experience.
For me it is the latter...
I love to discover the inner world that I often find far more interesting and exiting then the so-called reality we live in utilizing our five senses.
Here is what meditation can do for you: Yes, it will most definitely relax you. It will decrease your heart rate, and it is beneficial for a balanced blood pressure. But more importantly, it will clear your mind, refresh your thinking, boost your creativity and it even aids growth of new brain cells!
For me it became my new morning coffee -- my wake-up call for mind and soul. And it is even more: If you are lucky and courageous and stick with it, it can shatter your concepts and old beliefs. Over time, you will become more aware and open. You see more clearly how your actions influence your own state and the state of others. (MORE)

Source: Huffington Post

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