Monday, September 30, 2013

The Medical Minute: Stressed out? Give Meditation A Try

It used to take a moment of serious danger – the threat of attack by wild animal, say – to make your body produce stress chemicals. Now, things like deadlines, appointments and the balance of your bank account have taken the place of bears and tigers, leaving many in a constant state of stressed alert.
And that can take a physical toll.
Pediatric oncologist and family medicine practitioner Dr. John Neely runs a weekly holistic medicine clinic at Penn State Hershey where he sees patients who are ready to focus on bringing their bodily systems back into balance rather than simply treating specific physical ailments.
“The physical parts of our body are influenced by how we are doing psychologically and spiritually, and vice versa,” he said.
Because of that, Neely often recommends his patients practice some form of meditation to gain connection to something bigger than themselves. “It could be someone who plays an instrument and gets lost in the beauty of the music, someone who is religious and prays, getting lost in a good book or practicing Kundalini yoga to help with stretching, strength and periods of quietness.” (MORE)

Source: Gant Daily

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