Monday, September 16, 2013

Meditation Made Easy: Stop Worrying About Money

Madonna Gauding, author of The Meditation Bible, gives you a beginner’s guide to serenity.
This week, a meditation to ease your financial worries … 

Money — making it, having it, wanting it — is central to most people’s lives and a source of anxiety for many.
We tend to measure every aspect of our lives in money. Meditation can help free you from this materialistic view of life. 
TO START: Try this when you are obsessed with thinking about money. Write down what money means to you and what role it plays in your life.

STEP ONE: Sit in a quiet place. Clear your mind and relax your body.

STEP TWO: Review what you wrote down and put it aside. Do you feel you are more real and substantial when you have money?

STEP THREE: Do you feel diminished, deflated and less valuable as a person when you are broke? Contemplate how money functions as an idea, causing you to feel more or less valuable. (MORE)

Source: Daily Mail

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