Wednesday, September 18, 2013

How To Create A Meditation Space In Your Home

As much as I love my weekly meditation class, I still struggle sticking to a daily home practice. When I meditate regularly, I feel balanced and everything in my life appears to run more smoothly, though the truth is probably that I'm reacting to life's events with greater equanimity. I'm told there is no substitute for intention, as far as applying one's butt to the cushion (or chair, or whatever meditation prop works best). On the other hand, having a space dedicated to meditation at home can be a useful tool for helping to turn that intention into real practice.

Google "home meditation spaces" and you get a lot of dreamy images of candlelit rooms hung with diaphanous curtains, or spare cushions laid on the floor of a bamboo-lined room reminiscent of bathrooms in high-end spas. The spaces are lovely and certainly fit our received ideas about what meditation rooms ought to look like. Yet it's hard to imagine many homes and fewer apartments that could offer the kind of space or handle the styling necessary to achieve those looks. All of which made me wonder how "real people" dedicated to daily practice are creating the spaces they use to meditate.

Sense of boundary

Linda Mundt, feng shui consultant, yoga teacher and a meditator for 40 years, lives near Vilas Zoo in a house that was built in 1924. A small upstairs bedroom serves as her meditation and yoga room. On a pleasant summer morning, sun pours in from a large east window, highlighting the pale hardwood floors. The walls are painted a light shade of green that feels homey. In fact, the overall impression is of a room well thought out but not fancy. When I tell her this, she laughs. (MORE)

Source: The Daily Page

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