Sunday, September 15, 2013

Have a Moment? You Can Meditate

Okay, admit it: Sometimes just the word meditate makes you anxious. One more thing for my to do list, I can't do it, it doesn't work, maybe when I have more time I will learn. Just the tension around the word defeats its blissful purpose.
That's why I spent the day with a meditation teacher who taught me how to get the benefits of meditation in minutes, while I wait, walk, cook or even clean. Forget about chanting on a mountain with the Dalai Lama!

Holistic nurse and meditation teacher Doreen Fishman, who has actually meditated with the Dalai Lama, shows me five ways to meditate in minutes.

1. Walking in a figure eight for 3-5 minutes can shift you into a more peaceful version of yourself. The figure eight balances both sides of your brain, and the sacred shape of infinity resonates with your subconscious mind to make you feel expansive, instead of under pressure.
I felt the change doing it barefoot in a park, but you can also do it in a parking lot waiting for a meeting.

2. Set an intention and the rest will follow: If you affirm "I am peaceful," a process begins in your body to start making you that way. Add in three deep breaths and you are sure to connect to the deeper part of yourself. I am putting breathe on my to do list now. (MORE)

Source: Huffington Post

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