Saturday, August 10, 2013

Yogic Bliss

Yoga was born out of the intent of the mind to seek the universal truth.

 According to Yoga, visible or perceptible existence is just a manifestation of cosmic consciousness., Meditation is an integral part of yoga,

As long as conditions are compatible for life in a biological entity, the omnipresent and omnipotent cosmic-consciousness manifests in it as its soul. Mind and prana are the two constituents of the soul. Mind is a sort of differentiated consciousness, and prana is the energy generated by it.
The mind in our body acts as an observer. It gathers all the information from various senses and processes this information in our brain to use it for our benefit. Awareness; analysis, coordination are the main functions of the mind.

A blank conditioned mind with nothing else, but pure awareness has the ability to go in to the depths of cosmic consciousness. This is the aim of meditation. In death mind loses its individuality and becomes one with cosmic con. A lighted electric bulb is a perfect example of manifestation. The moment it is broken, the conditions in the bulb become unfavorable and current in it stops manifesting in to light. According to yogic doctrine, a manifested entity has fewer powers than its source. That is why a human mind with limited abilities can attain great powers with the help of yoga.

. The observation and knowledge gained after meditation, cannot be shared or discussed in any language, nor can it be explained according to any law. It is simply just a feeling, which in Yogic language is called BLISS.As all the laws of nature apply to this manifested world, it is beyond the capacity of science to know or analyze the laws, governing the underlying reality, behind everything in existence.  Meditation is the only way to imbibe the feel of those laws.

We may not achieve the final goal in meditation even in our lifetime. But with daily practice, the rewards are astonishingly satisfactory. No other thing or any other activity can give us so much happiness and peace. 

Dr.Arun Kakkar

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