Friday, August 30, 2013

The Search for Intimacy, 'In-To-Me-See'

When traveling on the path to an exciting, active and healthy sex life, the first key ingredient is intimacy. The most essential component begins with liking the whole of who you are. For there to be true intimacy, you must begin with the process of truly knowing, understanding and falling "in love" with yourself. A healthy sex life cannot rely solely on your partner, it must begin with you and the relationship you have with yourself.

Of course, a new relationship is exciting in and of itself. It is a period of enticement which can last anywhere from three to six months. After this time of being on a blissful high, then what? You might ask yourself, do you really like yourself? Are you comfortable enough with your body to feel happy and sexy in your own skin?

For me personally, dancing, gymnastics and yoga really helped me with my body image. These are things which helped me begin to to feel okay with the little imperfections that I now see and embrace as part of the fullness of who I am. But that process took time. The more I entered the lifestyle of yoga -- which includes eating clean, using Ayurvedic body oils, resting, meditating, channeling my creativity and sending sincere, loving compassion and forgiveness towards myself and others (perhaps the hardest part of all) -- the more my confidence rose, and that showed when I was intimate with my partner.

The secret started for me on the yoga mat where I discovered my own power. Sexuality is located in the second chakra, governing our creativity and our inner desires including our bonding instincts. If we move to the fourth chakra, or the heart, our relationships transcend sexual desires and play more upon our humanity: it becomes more about love, expression and communication. At this level, sex is much better as we move from the animal realms to the human level. As a yoga teacher, I learned to work better with imperfections and began to accept them by pouring love into those places.  (MORE)

Source: Huffington Post

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