Thursday, August 8, 2013

Put Meditation on Your Summer Party Shopping List

Summer parties are a lot of fun, but the food shopping can be a drag! Here are a few ways to add meditation moments to your shopping chores and infuse your party with peace and fun! As you sit at home ready to write out your list, take a moment to check in. Ask yourself three questions: Are my thoughts in the present moment? Are my thoughts positive? Is my body posture aligned or twisted? This check in moment is your first meditation! Checking into your mental and physical state throughout the day develops mindfulness. With this mindfulness meditation, you are more likely to spend time in the present, focus on the positive, and treat your body better.

Now that you are in the present moment and supporting your physical needs, begin to make out your list. As your mind starts to worry about how Aunt Julie is going to get a long with Cousin Mary, gently bring your thoughts back on making out your list. By keeping your thoughts focused on your current activity, you are doing an Activity Meditation. It is important not to judge your mind for wandering, it happens to everyone. Simply acknowledge the wandering thought and gently return to your activity. You will find you are done with your list in no time and less likely to forget something! (MORE)

Source: Huffington Post

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