Thursday, July 11, 2013

Meditation May Help Alzheimer's disease

Dementia, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease (AD) are diseases of the brain (DOB). They basically degenerate the nerves, attack central nervous system, make people forgetful and ultimately make them loose their memory completely so that they cannot recognize even their near and dear ones. DOB are generally old age diseases which mostly happen after the age of 60-65 though in some cases they can start as early as 40-45. Thus the old derogatory Hindi saying “sathiya gaya hai”, meaning after 60 years he has become senile, is normally used when calling somebody a dim wit! As we age the chances of getting DOB increase.
Present estimates are that 50 million people worldwide and nearly 6 million in India above the age of 65 years suffer from these debilitating diseases. With stress the onset of DOB comes at an even younger age and hence in India the number of people suffering from these diseases may even be larger.
Many studies done by scientists have shown that intellectually active adults suffer less from these diseases as they age. And one of the better ways to increase mental faculties is by meditation. It allows us to focus on a single subject for a long time and increases the concentration, mental sharpness and brings in general feeling of well being and happiness. (MORE)
Source: Speaking Tree

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