Tuesday, March 19, 2013

7 Ways Meditation Can Transform Your Life

We were teaching a workshop in southwest England when Ed asked the group: "If you like to suffer, then raise your hand." No one raised a hand. So why do we create suffering for both ourselves and others?

Seems like we love to suffer, as all the ways out of suffering are staring us in the face. If not, then why do more people drink alcohol than meditate, or why do more people eat fast food than get exercise? Smoking cigarettes is a major cause of death in the U.S., as is sugar consumption leading to obesity, so why do we love everything that is bad for us and keep away from things that do us good?
Presumably, it's because we really don't like ourselves too much and live in such a way that our own needs take second place. Or we believe we're invulnerable and will go on forever: "Things like that don't happen to me!" But once a cycle of self-denigration gets started, it takes a huge amount of determination and motive to make real changes. The mind is a perfect servant, as it will do whatever it's told, but it's a terrible master, as it fails to help us help ourselves.

This can be even harder when our mind is like a deranged monkey, leaping from one thought or drama to the next, never allowing us time to be quiet, peaceful and still. Meditation can make a huge difference to this, which may sound farfetched, but it's a direct way to cut through the chaotic monkey mind that's constantly making excuses and supporting our resistance. Yet so many people pay it so little attention. Drinking alcohol can kill and meditation can save, yet there are far more people who drink. (MORE)

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Ven.Sam Govito said...

Transcending All Differences
Meditation is a universal act that
everyone in this world can do.
All can practice it regardless of nationality, religion, or
ethnicity. All one needs is a human body. The air is a
universal element in this world, in which everyone
can breathe. No matter where we go in the planet,
we will find air. Meditation is like the air – universal
and essential.
If we do not close our minds, but rather,
consider it carefully, we realize that we can still
follow the religion we believe in and incorporate
meditation. To not think at all, anyone of any
religion in this world can do, whether one is a
Buddhist, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, and so on.
To not do something is not against the law, is not
immoral, and does not go against any ancient
tradition. Simply close your eyes and do nothing.
In other words, meditate. It is a practice that will
bring our lives happiness and fulfillment, which
we should take utmost care to preserve.

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