Saturday, January 19, 2013

Daily Inspiration

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Ven.Sam Govito said...

Yes we are one, all human being are one which should have the universal love to each other for everlast of peace in the world

Universal Love
By Luangphaw Dhammajayo

Universal love is a love for everyone. There
is no lust or desire involved. With goodwill we
wish for everyone to find happiness in body
and mind and to attain the Dhammakaya. In
order for us to discover universal love, we must
see the world through the bright inner light of
meditation, which will allow us to perceive the
world as it truly is. Every living being will appear
as its true self and we will realize that our lives
and others’ lives are equal and worthy. If we find
ourselves more fortunate than others, we will feel
compelled to assist them. This is the power of
universal love.
When we come to know about Dhammakaya,
and are united with the Body of Dhamma, we will
want to spread the knowledge to all of humankind
without expectation of anything in return. We
will want to see all of humankind attain the Body
of Dhamma as we have. This desire completely
differs in scope and feeling from the desires we feel
when we do not know the Body of Dhamma.
I would like to see everyone use these
ideas and techniques to build happiness and
understanding within your families. Try to
follow the good examples of the Inner Dreams
Kindergarten Programme students who have
introduced this meditation technique to their
family members. They have noticed a change in
their home environments, with delight replacing
anxiety and happiness transforming from grief.
Let their example teach us.

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