Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Stay Well With Simple Meditation

Sit comfortably and focus on your breathing if you want to steady your nerves

While it seems a good idea to take a few minutes out every day for relaxation and meditation, the benefits for the emotionally labile, who tend to be a bit ''up and down’’, turn out to be substantial. Last week, writing in the British Medical Journal, Dr Willem Kuyken of the Mood Disorder Centre at the University of Exeter reported that ''mindfulness’’, for those prone to the blues, provides the “long term skills for staying well”.

This involves little more than sitting comfortably and focusing on something as simple as the pattern of respiration, breathing in and out.

The process of observing such sensations changes the way one responds to the maelstrom of subconscious thoughts in one’s head, and has been described as “a way of concentrating on the here and now, so as to become more aware of how the here and now is affecting you”.  (MORE)

Source: The Telegraph

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Mustafa G. Nazary said...

Mediation has saved and changed my life!
I owe 80-90% of my happiness to meditation. I am a personal trainer in Washington DC and Alexandria Virginia area. http://www.myur.com/ 3 months ago I lost one my personal training centers due to economy and high rent. I lost over 600k over night by closing my center. Because I meditate 2-3x a day, I did not lose my mind. I focused on my other locations and that focus with help of meditation got me out of the black hole I was in 3 months ago. If I didn’t meditate, I think I still be feeling sorry for myself and most likely lost my business and family.
Now I encourage all of clients to meditate.