Thursday, November 1, 2012

Meditation: The Healing Force Of A Quiet Mind

Mention meditation and many of us think of Buddhist monks, orange robes and incense. But meditation is increasingly being recognised outside of the spiritual realm as a powerful health improvement tool.
Research shows meditation can improve the wellbeing of people with a range of conditions including depression, anxiety, chronic pain and cancer.
It's also becoming a popular treatment option among medical professionals, with as many as one in six Australian doctors teaching secular forms of meditation to their patients and more than 80 per cent referring them to others to learn it, says GP and Monash University lecturer, Dr Craig Hassed.
Hassed, who has studied meditation extensively, believes its potential benefits are so great, it warrants attracting a Medicare rebate.
"I think we'll see perhaps in the not too distant future, accredited forms of meditation recognised [as part of the Medicare Benefits Schedule]. The evidence is just getting better and better." (MORE)

Source: ABC Health

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