Monday, October 29, 2012

Be Aware of Timelessness Through Meditation

You can learn to take your awareness into the region of timelessness at will–meditation is the classic technique for mastering this experience.
In meditation the active mind is withdrawn to its source; just as this changing universe had to have a source beyond change, your mind, with all its restless activity, arises from a state of awareness beyond thought, sensation, emotion, desire, and memory. This is a profound personal experience.
In the state of timeless or transcendent awareness, you have the sensation of fullness. In place of change, loss, and decay, there is steadiness and fulfillment. You sense that the infinite is everywhere. When this experience becomes a reality, the fears associated with change disappear; the fragmentation of eternity into seconds, hours, days, and years becomes secondary, and the perfection of every moment becomes primary.
Now that mediation has entered mainstream Western cultural experience, researchers have applied scientific measurements to the subjective experience of silence, fullness, and eternity. The most fascinating aspect of this research is that the biological process of aging itself does not have to be manipulated; the desired results can be achieved through awareness alone. (MORE)


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