Thursday, September 20, 2012

Meditation: The New Medication

Thanks to pop-culture representations, meditation is seen as something that takes place in the isolation of a lush forest at the top of a Himalayan mountain. Those who practice the delicate art know one does not have to be alone or in an exotic location to meditate.
Billy Juliani, a junior in philosophy and the president of N.C. State's Buddhist Philosophy Club, defined meditation as the practice of "living in the present moment and being aware of what's around us."
"It reduces stress and anxiety and promotes a more peaceful and thoughtful approach to looking at the world," Juliani said.
According to Juliani, there are many different ways to meditate. The most common form is a sitting meditation where an individual sits cross-legged and focuses on breathing. Other forms include sitting, lying and walking meditations.
Lying meditation is similar to sitting meditation, as both focus on the aspect of breathing and experience of existence.
"The experience of walking meditation is more about experiencing the environment around us—directing the mind to focus the experience of the body or the senses while you walk," Juliani said. (MORE)

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Sandeep said...

I really liked your post. "One does not have to be alone or in an exotic location to meditate", great said.