Friday, September 7, 2012

Meditation is my Medication!

Meditation is not always a discipline which needs to be practiced solely in a seated, upright posture. From experience, the mind can be silent in the noisiest shopping mall or the loudest party. This does not mean we just miraculously stop thinking. It is almost impossible to completely curb our thoughts, even for a regular practitioner of meditation.
So, ʻwhat is meditationʼ? Meditation is the ability to simply acknowledge our thoughts and let them go without getting engaged or attached to them. Once you cultivate this practice and strengthen your mind muscle, eventually you will have longer gaps and spaces within your thinking. Those are the moments of blissful peace we experience.
From my own ritualistic practice of this discipline, I could go as far as saying, every single meditation session feels different to the next, therefore, I could not define a conventional way to meditate. We may look, sit, stand and walk the same in a practice, however, what is happening in your inner world is never identical.
So ʻwhy meditateʼ? Many people approach me and share they are far too busy to dedicate a time during the day which they can commit to being still. Besides, "my head is to busy to stop thinking" is what I regularly hear. These are the people who need it the most. Meditation gives you freedom in your mind and a real sense of clarity. If you have a calm mind, the decisions and choices you make are clearer.  (MORE)

Source: Huffington Post

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