Sunday, December 18, 2011

Meditation Takes Practice But It May Be Just What You Need

That nagging pain in your neck, the back pain that won't go away, the gritty strain of being under constant stress—each can be a condition for a medical doctor to assess. But what if, thankfully, all appears well, except for your suspicion that those symptoms would go away if you could just change something about your life?

Meditation could be the answer. But it's important to understand what meditation isn't, says Heidi Ash, a St. Joseph-Benton Harbor, Michigan, stress management expert who helps guide people towards more healthy, less stress-filled lives. Meditation isn't dogma nor religion. It isn't psychotherapy. Nor is it feeling blissful all the time; "That's a misconception," Ash says. "It's being conscious of the self on a deeper level, a different way of looking deeper into how you view life and how that can affect your health." (MORE)


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