Friday, November 4, 2011

Managing Stress Through Meditation

There's usually a point in time throughout semesters where everything piles up. The homework, work, and projects all become too much to handle all at once. There are simple steps one can take to ensure that all of this gets done while maintaining positive energy and a lower stress level. Stress Management and Meditation workshops are held in Plymouth State University's Counseling Center lead by Regina Kelly PhD, APRN. These workshops are held in both the fall and spring semesters and include a full curriculum for a six-week period in learning how to manage one's stress via meditation. The classes are held in a homely environment of soothing music and burning incense.

To start the session, Kelly introduced herself as well as those weeks' new comers to get all attendees acquainted and comfortable. Handouts and activities are used to express individual's stressors and thought process to better comprehend how one deals with a stressful situation. (MORE)


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