Thursday, September 22, 2011

Youngsters Embrace Meditation

Scores of people from Tricity got together to meditated at Maha Kriya and grand musical event- Sumeru Sandhya, organized by Art of Living Foundation, Chandigarh chapter on Wednesday at Bawa White House in the district.

The event was preceded by a mass pranayam and sudarshan kriya round, where the audience meditated together. This was followed by a musical concert by Rishi Nityapragya, who is a senior international art of living teacher and singer. Rishi highlighted three social issues to be addressed urgently in Punjab namely, female foeticide, drug de-addiction and child education.

He motivated the volunteers and listeners to contribute towards these areas and help the nation become a better place to live. Several youngsters were also spotted meditating at the event and enjoying the concert. They later pledged to work towards eradicating the problems of drug abuse among youth.

Meghna Verma, a volunteer cum student, said, "I have been attending such events for a long time now and they provide a great relief to the mind, body and soul."

One of the organizers said, "It's good to see so many people together. The best part is that youngsters are also actively participating in large numbers. Tonight, we are also featuring the best singers of Art of Living Foundation. 'Sumeru Sandhya' is a devotional concert or satsang that enthralls one's being." (MORE)

Source: Times of India

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Bluefengshui2011 said...

Its a changing trend nowadays that youngsters are turning towards spirituality for inner peace and calmness. Meditation satisfies both their material and spiritual needs.

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