Sunday, December 5, 2010

Meditation In Motion

We all know the benefits of meditation. On a basic level it reduces stress, slows down the ageing process and on a deeper plane it can lead to abundant peace and happiness. To most of us it involves being still and focusing on the breath or a particular mantra. Personally I owe a great deal to this kind of meditation for my capacity to focus for long periods of time, especially when I have my writing cap on. Yoga Nidra has been my favourite over the years, where awareness is taken to different parts of the physical and psychic self, inducing a state of “mindful sleep”.

I was introduced to Tai Chi several years ago, although I could not practise it regularly. Many people drop out of class because they find it very, very slow! Of course, that certainly was not my reason for discontinuing. I had moved to the suburbs and could not find a good teacher.

A recent trip to Shanghai renewed my interest when I saw groups of men and women of all ages diligently practising this “martial art in slow motion”, as one practitioner called it. The early morning Tai Chi sessions in the bund area of Shanghai are a tourist attraction! It is indeed quite a sight of beauty as they move with perfect synchrony between breath and movement, evident from their fluidity and unified grace. (MORE)

Source: The Week

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