Thursday, December 2, 2010

Different Meditation Techniques For Peace

What is meditation?
Meditation is a commonly used term. But what exactly is meditation? For a beginner it is a practice, for an adept it is a state.

Meditation is awareness. It is emptiness. It is about to empty your mind off the clutter of continuous din of thoughts. An uncluttered mind (empty) translates into awareness, or consciousness or alertness. To bring about this awareness is the purpose of the practice of the act of meditating. With continuous practice its reveals the truth that it is a state; when one attains by advancing degrees, peace and harmony.

Meditation is thus basically peace.

Different Meditation Techniques
There are different meditations techniques, which could slacken the motion of the thoughts. Pick the one that appeals to you, as one ought to be involved in meditation with a natural urge.

Breath Meditation-Feeling your breath is a simple, yet an effective meditation. It involves feeling the effortless movement of the breath. Simply feel the flow of your breath. Acknowledge intervening thoughts without judgement, as to whether the are good or bad and gently turn your attention to your breath. Zen meditation involves breath meditation. (MORE)

Source: OneIndia

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