Sunday, November 28, 2010

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder And Meditation For Veterans

Post traumatic stress disorder in soldiers is a common occurrence. David Lynch, a filmmaker inspired by a World War II veteran fighter pilot, is trying to help soldiers who have suffered from the malady; through a meditation program.

Lynch’s “Operation Warrior Wellness,” is a meditation-based program focused on helping veterans weather and win the battle against stress-related disorders.

Meditation has thousands of years of practice and a growing body of research to support it’s benefits. It may just be uniquely appropriate as a treatment for PSTD in vets since it involves stillness and a calming of the mind, usually the opposite state of what overburdened the soldiers to begin with.

Reports show that the rate of post traumatic stress disorder in veterans could be as high as 35%.

Although the rates of PTSD in veterans is high, authorities say combat and war are not the only stressors that can lead to the disorder. Any number of high-stress events or traumatic injuries can precipitate post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms.

Such events are: war, rape, a major medical procedure (especially in kids), violent assault, car accidents, or sexual or physical abuse. (MORE)

Source: Daily Infusion

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