Sunday, November 21, 2010

Meditation On Gratitude Can Lift Your Spirits- Part 2

One way that helps me get out of a funk is listing everything I’m grateful for. I start with the obvious - the people in my life that support me and love me. Next I ask, what else? Usually this goes to my health, even if I’m sick or injured. I focus on what is working well. For example, right now I have a cold, but I’m still able to write. I’m sure you get the idea. (MORE)

Source: Ann Arbor

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Patty said...

Thanks for sharing something about meditation! I've been looking all over the Internet for blogs about meditation, and I happen to see your page on Google so I visited it.

When I meditate, I make sure that I'm comfortable, close my eyes, then I pray while I listen to uplifting music. Before, I only used to sit down, close my eyes then pray. The idea of adding music was from my friends who are attending Thetahealing sessions. The music gives you a soothing effect, and will make you feel at peace when you meditate.

Since my friends have told me things about Thetahealing, I wanted to attend one session just so that I experience what they experience, and I learn from the experts about it.