Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Meditation in Motion

Tai chi is a martial art that helps defend the body against itself.

Local tai chi enthusiasts seem to have one thing in common -- the desire to find an exercise to help heal the body.
Susan Harding, a tai chi instructor at the Hope Community Center in Roy, is a former cardio junkie who turned to tai chi because "jumpy aerobics" gave her neck and back problems.

Norm Skanchy, a tai chi instructor at the Eccles Community Center in Ogden, is 85 years old and a former national racquetball champion. He used tai chi to prepare for tournaments, but since he broke his hip four years ago, he now uses it as his primary form of exercise.

Tyrone Aranda, tai chi instructor at the Marshall White Community Center in Ogden, is a longtime martial artist who is using tai chi to recover from a heart attack.

"I've done martial arts for 38 years," Aranda said. " I studied tai chi and didn't appreciate the benefits until I had a heart attack and a double bypass a year ago.

"I couldn't go back to aggressive (fighting) the way I wanted to. I practiced tai chi to help me safely heal and recover. I'm going to continue doing it forever." (MORE)

Source: Standard-Examiner

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