Monday, October 11, 2010

Club Helps Students Slow Down And Relax

In a dim room, students sit comfortably in a circle, some with their shoes off and others perched liked cats. Undeniably, this is a group that knows how to relax despite the chaos of the outside world. This is the USU meditation club.

The club was founded last year by Jan Summerhays, an ecology graduate student. Summerhays was a member of a meditation group called the Cache Valley Buddhist Sangha, which meets every Monday at 7:15 p.m. at the Cache Valley Unitarian Universalist building. Summerhays said she realized there was a community of people that meditated, but knew there was also a group of students interested or curious about meditation who didn't have an opportunity to pursue that interest.

Summerhays said with the help of English professor Michael Sowder she formed a club on campus. Since last year, the club has picked up more momentum and has brought in several new members. Unlike the meditation group that meets Monday nights, Summerhays said the USU Meditation Club is non-denominational and is not aligned with any specific religion or tradition. (MORE)

Source: The Statesman

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