Friday, April 2, 2010

Mindfulness Meditation -- Achieving 'Unentangled Participation'

No doubt we all time travel. Our minds constantly wander to the future or cruise to the past. I started studying mindfulness meditation when I discovered how often I wasn't really 'present' in my day to day activities.

For example, I might eat a meal while thinking about a project, my kid's homework, or something I failed to do, and not even notice my food disappearing. I might be in a conversation with a friend and actually thinking about my own troubles instead of listening to them. Worse, I might be on holiday and thinking about a past one or fantasizing about a future one while missing the one I was on.

Once I realized how often my mind wasn't present, I began to alter it. I did so with many exercises like meditation, yoga, walking in nature, and art. I've found it easier to 'be present' with any experience -- good or bad -- through these practices.

Source: Huffington Post

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