Friday, March 12, 2010

Stop Wasting Time and Start Meditating

Saying that Buddhism is the way to build a more compassionate, joyful way of life is the same as saying that Home Depot is the way to build a house. You will find some useful tools there, some incredible directions, and even people you can ask for help, but eventually all the concepts, teachings, labels, and perceptions of what "it" is have to melt in the presence of who you really are. All alone, yet not alone at all.

Like you, and me, and Home Depot, Buddhism did not always exist, and at some point it will cease to exist. Either because not enough of us practice it, or the human race ends, or everyone practices it so it becomes not a practice but just something you do, like sleeping, eating, or shitting. The body of thought and ritual and practice we call Buddhism is totally impermanent and will end. And that's part of what makes it special, just like our own inscrutable expiration dates are what make us so special. But here's why that doesn't even matter. (MORE)

Source: Beliefnet

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