Friday, March 26, 2010

Stay on Your Cushion: The Importance of 'Hot' and 'Cool' Boredom During Meditation

Boredom is an underrated experience in the modern world. The rate at which new information, new opportunities, new entertainment, new distractions are coming towards us is, in almost everybody's estimation, accelerating to a dizzying speed.

Many people come to meditation hoping to simply slow down the traffic jam in their head -- to get a little space, a little clarity, a little "breather."

We sit down to meditate in order to remember what it feels like to relate simply and directly to being present. We connect with our breathing to stabilize the feeling of being present and also take note of the activity in our mind streaming by. Our practice is to keep coming back to the to the breath and thereby to the present moment. This technique is extremely simple and can be very powerful and effective in calming our mind down and allowing us to feel more centered and balanced. (More)

Source: Huffington Post

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