Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Meditation, An Uninterrupted Flow

Meditation in its truest sense ought to be constant and not intermittent. A short story reveals the fact.

Ananda, the disciple of Buddha once asked his master,

“I have observed you when you are asleep. There is no movement of your body. You wake up the way you go to sleep” He continued

“Once out of curiosity, I even kept awake the whole night to see if you stirred in your sleep. But you maintained the same posture throughout, until you woke up the next day. Are you controlling your movements in your sleep?”

Buddha said, “There is no place for control. I am in constant meditation. I sleep in meditation as the way I awake up in meditation. Meditation for me is a constant, uninterrupted flow”

Buddha continued, “I am calm and quiet as deep down within, I am aware. Since meditation is an uninterrupted flow, there is no need to move” (MORE)

Source: Oneindia

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