Monday, March 22, 2010

Meditation Brings Happiness, Not Just Stress Relief

I’m excited to be teaching meditation with the Chopra Center this weekend. They’re hosting their signature six-day meditation program, Seduction of Spirit, on Marco Island, near Naples.

So why am I excited to teach this ancient practice? I want others to experience the physical, emotional and spiritual health I discovered. Rather than give you a textbook rationale or the latest research on how meditation alleviates anxiety, let me share with you my experience.

Initially, I was a skeptic. I could hardly see the benefit to my stress level of sitting in a chair with my eyes closed and having a zillion thoughts race through my mind. I’d tried meditation before with little success. However, as some of you may know, I had a heart attack — a fluke, the doctors called it — and I wanted to prevent future attacks. I had none of the heart disease risk factors — had low cholesterol, low blood pressure, low heart rate, no family history indicators, exercised, was trim, didn’t smoke — so the doctors had no lifestyle advise or medications for me. I seemed the epitome of health.

What was wrong with me? What could I do? (MORE)


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